Irish Whistles

Celtic and Irish Traditional Music are some of my favorites, and I play the Irish Whistle, known also as the ‘pennywhistle’.

Irish Whistles are made of wood of various species, brass, aluminum, sterling silver and other materials. There are many fine whistle makers around the world, and my favorites are made by Patrick O’Riordan of Ft. Wayne, IN. Pat has now retired from whistle making, and I am fortunate enough to have a collection of his work, ranging from ‘low D’ through ‘high e flat’. Most of mine are made of black anodized aluminum, but others are brass, silver, and African Blackwood.

I’ll include some photos of my collection as I can. Here is a YouTube video of Patrick O’Riordan in his workshop. Pat is a very gracious and kind man, and has been very helpful to me on many occasions.